It has been called the Sport of Kings and at least once every year in countries around the world it attracts huge numbers of followers. It consists of skilled teams of people all devoted to getting the best out of one animal in an attempt to win a much coveted prize. I am of course talking about horse racing. 슈어맨

Although racing is a thrilling sport in its own right it would be much less popular if you couldn’t bet on it. Horse races and gambling seem to go hand in hand and it can be argued that without the ability to place a bet on a horse race horse racing would soon be forgotten.

Breeding a winner on the horse racing can make owners of champions extremely wealthy. Likewise, identifying winners can also make gamblers extremely wealthy and for this reason many people seek horse betting systems that can make them rich.

One of the most basic of all horse race betting systems is to follow the advice of professionals or tipsters who give horse betting tips.

A word of warning about following free horse betting tips – don’t do it! Many newcomers to racing, and betting in general, do not realise that they are not wagering a bet against the bookmaker but are in fact betting against other gamblers.

The odds given on an animal in a race are not always an indication that that particular horse is the favourite to win in the eyes of the professionals. It just means the greater majority of gamblers are betting on that horse.

When an animal or jockey is popular the bookmakers will make it a less attractive bet in order to attract bets on other horses in the race to ensure that they always make a profit.

Therefore free racing tips often lead to a flurry of bets on a particular animal which decrease its odds – thus making it a less attractive bet to the keen gambler.