Chicago is the third largest city in the United States and is a busy, industrial and commercial centre. It said that the city has a population of more than 3 million people in the year 2006. Starting a specialty food store can offer you lucrative returns but requires a lot of hard work and good quality of product in order to succeed.

How to Start a Specialty Food Store in Chicago: russian food store

o Consider giving your business a legal structure and register the name of your business making sure the applicable State laws are not violated. Hire the services of an experienced attorney to guide you procure all licenses and permits from all necessary authorities concerned. Make sure you read and comply with the State’s rules and regulations regarding sanitary production and distribution of food products.

o Get adequate liability insurance cover to protect your business.

o Write a detailed business plan as it can help you carry out the daily operations of your business without a hitch. It will make clear your target gaols and the ways to achieve them.

o A plan will be useful in getting the required finances to fund your start up. Make sure you are committed and that you will repay the loan within its due date.

o Determine the kind of foods you will deal in and make sure you have suppliers who will provide your inventory, guaranteeing consistent quality and quantity of the speciality foods.

o Determine the prices you will charge for the foods making sure you make a profit.

o Select an appropriate location such as a retail space in a commercial complex or in a shopping mall etc. Make sure that you sign a long-term lease and that an attorney is consulted before signing the lease agreement.

o Select necessary equipments such as a computer, a cash register, racks to display the food etc., and that the food is stored at appropriate temperatures.

o Make a list of the help necessary and hire appropriately qualified personnel. Determine your working hours and weekly holidays.

o Have a system to monitor the employees, establish organizational structure, and ensure that the customers are treated in a courteous fashion.