The first connection that comes to one’s mind when the word lighting pendant is mentioned is jewelry. The very obvious reason for this is the fact that pendants are the connecting term for jewelry. However light pendants actually a kind of decoration lamp, which is suspended from the ceiling.

These lamps are basically used in the islands, breakfast nooks, desks and so on. The number of varieties of pendants in the market is never ending and you can choose a few of them in accordance with the ceiling height. There are two types of pendants, i.e. the single pendant and a group of pendants. Group of pendants refer to an arrangement wherein different pendants used are attached to a rod. This rod can be used for altering the angle and direction of the pendants. This helps in moderating the light intensity and also the position of the lamp. Thus this facilitates scope for more creative ideas.

The ideal height for lighting using pendants would be 24″ to 30″ feet from the floor. The pendants give out the best light from this height. These specifications are generally meant for normal sized pendants. However, if you are planning to use mini pendants then the height has to be 18″ to 24″ feet above the floor. Fantasy Football Rings

There are widely five types of pendants available in the market. There are a lot of varieties to choose from including down lights, inverted, mini pendants, pool table and billiard lights and kitchen and island pendant lighting. There is a brief description of these given here. Down light pendants are mostly used for reading purposes. Generally these are used in areas like pool tables, game tables and other such places where light concentration is required for performance of particular task. The light in these pendants is sharp and provides a great amount of illumination. Jewelry Manufacturer

Inverted pendent is made to face the ceiling. The inevitable reason for this is to avoid its glare and give a cool and relieving environment. They can basically be used only for the purpose of decoration or provision of a pleasant environment. They could be a disadvantage if you try to read or perform any small tasks in this light. You would need a table lamp complementing the pendant for these works. Medals

Mini pendant gives you a lot of light as it uses a bulb of 40 watts. A group of mini pendants when used in combination with down light pendants would give a lot of illumination. The same pendants when suspended in a line or in any specific geometric shape would serve as a suitable decoration piece and thus enhance the beauty of the room.

Lights for billiards and pool table are basically sources of constant light, which contribute to great centralization of concentration. These are available in a wide range of worth varying from twenty to around thousand dollars. You can choose the material to be stained wood, wrought iron, brass, smoked glass or something else.